The Cabinet Construction Process

Cabinet Innovations Utilizes Quality Components With Professional Expertise

A custom cabinet coponent being handcrafted by Cabinet Innovations.If your cabinets aren't built strongly, they could fall apart before they are installed. Cabinet Innovations believes in a very well built cabinet, that may mean they are a little more expensive then others, and a little heavier for installation, but is the best way of building a cabinet.

All vertical and horizontal panels, including adjustable shelves are 3/4" material. The only material that is thinner is the backs of the cabinets and the drawer material. The real key to the strength of Cabinet Innovations cabinets is that each cabinet is glued and clamped with a pipe clamp until the glue is set, we feel that's what sets us apart.

Cabinet Construction Information & Wood Working Facts

Many custom cabinet shops glue and nail their cabinets then move on to the next cabinet. That is not a strong cabinet. Pre-fabricated box cabinets are built with 1/8" to 3/8" material and held together with hot glue in the joints; this is a known fact and if you look at one carefully while shopping for kitchen cabinets at a home store you will see this.

Also, Cabinet Innovations sands all cabinets by hand, not machines, which means no cross sanding marks or splinters. All fixed shelves are flush with the faceframe(front of cabinet), not set down 1/8" like all box cabinets and many other custom cabinets. We feel that a little more work pays off in the look and feel of the finished product. Remember when dealing with Cabinet Innovations your cabinets are built for you, they are not a pre-fabricated stock size warehoused for a home store.